How To Be Body-Positive With Yoga

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Ronald Mccarthy

Everyone has a self-image or self-concept about themselves that either presents them in a positive or negative light. What you think about yourself is ultimately portrayed on the forefront as your body image. As the term suggests “body-positive” basically means having a positive perception about your body. However, people of various body types exist and hence the definition may vary from person to person. What it all boils down to is the fact that you love yourself and accept oneself as the way you are, believe in yourself with compassion. It’s not about having a body as shaped by the media that is thin, lean and flexible. Yoga is not only about meditation and concentrating on your breathing for the prescribed time period but it is about developing the self-confidence that resonates from within and helps you develop a self-image that no-one can sabotage. Yoga is not only self-expressive on the face of it, but is believed to yield results from within the heart and mind. Your body gives you self-affirmation about the way you look and carry yourself, that is when you realize that you can be body positive just by inculcating yoga in your daily routine.

  • Unwind with yoga and learn to love yourself

Eliminate all traced of negative self-talk and self-criticism by practicing mindful meditation.  Yoga can help you de-stress and get all the bickering and self-inflicting thoughts to get out of your mind if only you can learn to control the voice in your head. If you put your negative body-image on repeat you are likely to become a victim of those which will eventually be engraved in your personality. Do not fall a-prey to society defining your definition of beauty, in fact learn to appreciate yourself. Do no self-criticize yourself the way you wouldn’t do to others.

  • Stop chasing perfectionism

Do not let idealism blind you and make you slaves to the pre-conceived notion of beauty and an hourglass shape. Often people have to juggle between the myths and realities of different forms of training such as waist training to adopt to achieve the desired perfect shape. What we forget in the process that we have been blessed with a perfect body and we need to stop idolizing the picture perfect images of the body shown to us by the media. Many physical body issues and eating disorders are related to the need to instill self-control whereas yoga helps us to cultivate inner peace and serenity and not dwell on the negativities of our life. Yoga is like a sieve that distills out all the negativities by hushing the voices playing repeatedly in our heads. Hence, by practicing yoga we can help appreciate the body we have been gifted by nature and stop taking out the flaws in it. Adopt an active lifestyle not just for the sake of losing weight or to win a competition but to achieve peace of mind and body.

  • Identify your strengths as you practice Yoga

Long before you realize that yoga will help you delve into your true potentials as you overcome each hurdle one by one of improving your flexibility and mastering an art that once seemed impossible to accomplish. Once you reflect back on what you were capable of doing on the first way and how far you have come in these few days you will realize that your body has been a great support in letting you accomplish a lot in the long run. Be grateful for this stamina and thank your body. Not everybody has got what you have. Develop a positive self- body image and throw away any negative self-perceptions that lower your morale.

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