Promote your events, business, studio and instructor profiles.

Eight great ways to reach Dallas/Fort Worth area yoga enthusiasts.

As part of our mission to enhance and expand the practice of yoga in our community, Living Yoga Dallas offers studios and yoga-related businesses a variety of opportunities to promote events and services on our site.

Email marketing

Living Yoga Dallas sends two email newsletters per month to inform our Members and readers of upcoming events, studios and businesses of interest in our community.

We offer Member studios, businesses, as well as individual teachers and wellness partners, the opportunity to promote their services and events in our bi-monthly newsletters. You must have an event, studio, business or instructor listing to reserve an email slot.

Top Photo + Feature: $75

Body: $50

Spotlight: $30


Price: $75 || $50 || $30 || per issue, based oplacement of content


Living Yoga Dallas visitors don't just view your event, business, studio and instructor listings; they also favorite and share them on Facebook, Twitter, email, and over 350 other sites using AddThis, which is integrated on every page.

Event Listings

List your workshops, master classes, class series, retreats and more in our events directory. Living Yoga Dallas is the top source in the Dallas/Ft. Worth community for yogis to discover what's happening in our area.


Price: $25 per event || $10 per event for listing owners*

*Studios, businesses and instructors with a directory listing on our site can post events for only $10 each. YOUR STUDIO, BUSINESS OR INSTRUCTOR LISTING MUST BE PAID FOR, WITH CHECKOUT COMPLETED, AND APPEAR ON OUR SITE, before creating your event listing, to receive your automatically discounted price.


Studio Listings

List your yoga studio in our studio directory. Our focus on community and DFW means that your studio will be seen by thousands of interested yogis right here in our Dallas/Ft. Worth community.


Price: $48 per year (just $4 per month)


Yoga-Related Business Listings

List your yoga-related business in our business directory. From yoga merchandise, books, dvds, apparel, jewelry and props to health and wellness services, massage, retreat centers or presenters, our business directory will help you reach your target market.

Price: $48 per year (just $4 per month)


Instructor Listings

Individual yoga teachers, wellness partners and yoga studios: create instructor listings in our instructor directory. Help yoga students throughout the Dallas metroplex find out about your background, the disciplines you teach, your style and philosophy and where to find you! Refer this website to your students, clients and friends to showcase your blogs, continuing education goals and schedule! Improve your internet presence with a LYD page!

Price: $10 per year (less than $1 per month)

Front Page Spotlights

Featured Slideshow

If you want to make a big impression, our front page slideshow is for you. We offer four rotating slots per week so that your studio, business or event will be the first thing visitors notice on our home page. This position features a large image and a teaser about your event, studio or business, with a link to your relevant page on our website. You must have an event, studio or business listing to reserve a front page slideshow position.


Price: $60 per week. Five (5) rotating slots available per week.


Event, Studio and Business and Spotlights

Feature your studio, business or events on our home page. Your spotlight will be prominently displayed directly below our featured slideshow. You must have an event, studio or business listing to reserve a spotlight block.


Prices: Events: $25 per week || Business and Studio: $30 per week

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