ParaYoga Weekend Immersion - Yoga & Ayurveda: From Detox to Freedom presented by Yogarupa Rod Stryker

In this two-day workshop, you'll learn about and practice Ayurveda's key teachings on yoga and how to get the most out of your yoga practice.
Sept 9-11, 2016


Om Away From Home Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Escape from the everyday stresses of life to this exclusive retreat in the tropical paradise of Tulum, Mexico
Nov. 12-19, 2016


Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor Certification - 2017 presented by Arpita Shah

This 4 Month (one weekend/ month) training program is for everyone, whether you want to pursue an ayurvedic lifestyle professionally or personally.
Jan 27 - June 25, 2017


Mindfulness for Children presented by Laura Abbott Coan and Janelle Farnam

What is Mindfulness and How Can It Help Your Children? It is present moment awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and sensations. It is like a pause button for children. It helps them to create space between an action and a reaction.
Sept. 7 - Oct. 26, 2016


My Best Playlist - Yoga Music Workshop presented by DJ Taz

Learn how to hone your instinctive listening and intuitive teaching skills to "mix beats" and make smooth transitions throughout your classes.
Sept 4, 2016

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Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

Sat, 10/01/2016 - Thu, 03/09/2017


Sat, 11/12/2016 - Sat, 11/19/2016

Mon, 08/29/2016 - Mon, 11/21/2016


Bethany Dotson

If you’re anything like me, making decisions – especially big ones that...

Gina D'Orazio Stryker

I grew up in a tiny mountain town in Idaho, population 724. To this day...

Kirsten Joy Burch

The word Karma in Sanskrit translates as ‘...

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