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The goal of Living Yoga Dallas has always been to grow and expand the practice of yoga for the community. Now we are going one step further by creating a new platform for the voices of the yoga community. We call it the Living Yoga Dallas Blog.

Living Yoga Dallas Blog's mission is simple: Bringing together the voices of a community as diverse as the bodies that step onto yoga mats in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Beyond!

We want to hear your stories, learn what you have to teach us, and be exposed to the ideas and inspiration you have to share.

To Write for Us

Be You. Uniqueness and originality of content is best achieved when you are writing from an authentic place as well as from personal experience. Say Just Enough. Let your word count be exactly what you need. No more. No less. While the most recommended lengths are between 250-600 words what is more important is that your contribution is thorough and of high quality.

Watch Your Tone. All we mean by that is to do your best create something positive, inclusive, and accessible not just to yoga practitioners but to the world at large, if possible.

How it Works. We don't provide compensation for your contribution. Your byline, biography, and links to your website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts will be included with your post though. We'll then promote your article through all of the methods studios and teachers have used for years to promote their events. Also, when submitting an article, be sure to upload a good image for your article and then there is a space for your headshot you.

Edits Could Happen. We do reserve the right to make editorial changes to articles submitted to Living Yoga Dallas Blog. We won't make major changes to any piece submitted without first contacting you. Any edits made on our end will focus on spelling and grammar.

Links and Pics. If your article includes links please make sure to include those in your submission. Links should be included separately at the end of your email rather than being embedded. The same goes for photos you would like to include. Just make sure you have the right to post and pictures you submit. Depending on the license we may or may not be able to use the photos you submit.

Don't Be Shy. The most popular posts on the net are those that people know about. Let everyone know about your LYDBlog post through social media resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, friends, family ... even Aunt Myrtle. Then hit those bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg to make sure everyone can be inspired by your writing.

Questions Any questions, send an email to blog [at] livingyogadallas [dot] com.

Letting You Know. If your post was accepted you will be notified within 3-5 business days. Thank you for reading LYDBlog and your interest in adding your unique voice. We're excited to learn from you, to read your story, to be inspired by you. Namaste.

Who can submit an article?

Current Listing Owners Meaning you have an existing listing on our site (studio, instructor, or business related) with your log in and password you may submit an article. If your listing is expired you can renew it or email us and we will assign your log in permission to submit articles.

If you do not have a listing on our site please email us at blog [at] livingyogadallas [dot] com and request a user account for submitting articles/blog.


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