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Spotlight your yoga studio, your yoga-related business or your event on our home page! Your spotlight block will be prominently displayed on our home page, directly below our featured news block. You must have an event, studio or business listing to reserve a spotlight block.

By default, these blocks display a random studio, event or business each time a visitor lands on our home page. You have the opportunity to reserve this block on a weekly basis, showing only your listing to all of our visitors. It's a great way to promote your studio, business or event and invite visitors to learn more.

Reserve a spotlight block in four easy steps:

STEP ONE: Choose the week you would like to purchase. Available weeks will display an "add to cart" button; weeks that are already reserved with display "sold out."

STEP TWO: Complete the form with the requested information for your spotlight.

STEP THREE: If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to log in with the username you used to set up your listing.

STEP FOUR: Complete checkout. That's it! Your spotlight will display during your reserved week. Your spotlight will typically begin to appear on our home page between the hours of 6:00pm Saturday and 6:00pm Sunday of the week you reserved.

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Studio Spotlight

Only $25.00 per week

Your studio must appear in our studio directory to reserve a studio spotlight block.

Show off your studio to every yoga practitioner throughout DFW who visits our site. Your studio will appear on our home pae for one week.

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Business Spotlight

Only $25.00 per week

Your yoga-related business must appear in our business directory to reserve a business spotlight block.

Yoga students throughout DFW are also interested in yoga merchandise, apparel, books and other media, healthy living and more. Show off your business to every front page visitor with our business spotlight. Your business will appear on our home page for one week.

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Event Spotlight

Only $25.00 per week

Your event must appear in our upcoming events directory to reserve an event spotlight block.

Promote your event to every visitor to our home page. Your event listing will appear on our home page for one week.

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