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Yoga & School Performance

Kristi McDonald

Life, Wellness, Yoga

Today’s schools are filled with never before seen challenges. High violence rates, low success rates and an increased population of mentally and physically unhealthy children are rampant. Yoga is accessible, easy and the benefits come quickly. The more you grow your practice, the more benefits...

Yoga, the Crown Jewel of India: Threads of Connection, Part 4

Carol A. Stall


In 1990 when I began teaching a yoga class for the City of Plano Parks and Recreation Department, there was one other yoga teacher offering classes in Plano.  In addition to teaching group yoga classes, people came to me for bodywork, energetic healing and private yoga lessons. My business...

Why YOU Need to Retreat

Theresa Polley


Life! Busy, messy, sometimes dull, sometimes more excitement than we can bear… but truly a joy in all of its glory.

One consistent thing about life these days is the constant stream of
• e-mails, texts, Facebook posts
• things you need to do, things you should do, things not...

Fellowship: Growing Community

Kendall Inman


I'm fairly confident that fellowship has been the driving force around much of what I've done in the world. My dear and sweet friend just loves it when I say fellowship.  You can see her eyes light up when I suggest we get together for a little fellowship.

When I googled the...

The Sacredness of Daily Practice

Douchka Lecot

Life, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

We were all born yogis, we just forgot who we are.

As we grow up into being active, goal oriented, professional and responsible adults, most of us tend to lose our connection and the doorway to our innate essence and nature. We go through life experiences, some more unpleasant and hurtful...

Yoga, the Crown Jewel of India: Threads of Connection, Part 3

Carol A. Stall


It was my search for inner peace that led me to Yoga. I soon learned that inner peace was not something I could earn by practicing but something that came naturally and incrementally as a result of the practice. I noticed fairly early that even though my focus was mostly on postures and...

The Path of Yoga

Chidanandi Sheri Cherokee, MBA, E-RYT500, Ayurveda Counselor


The Yoga Path
“If flexibility were the secret to yoga, certainly contortionists would be the greatest Yogi's and Yogini's. Regrettably, this is not the case,” Yogi Baba Prem.

Most people when the word yoga is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is...

5 Tips to Build Ojas "Our Vital Essence"

Caroline Schmidt


Especially during this end of Vata season, building and supporting Ojas is key to vivacious living, joy and immunity. Of the 3 vital essences; prana, the breath and vital life force, tejas, the subtle radiance of fire to metabolize, transform and illuminate on all levels and...

3 Things I learned from Teaching Yoga to People with Cancer

Debbie Simon


Luckily, I do not have cancer and never have. I am simply a yoga teacher who has a great interest in the ways yoga, pranayama and especially meditation can help support someone with a disease like cancer. I’m sure like many of you, I’ve had students who happened to have cancer find their...

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