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Beginning Meditation – Month 1

Kirsten Joy Burch

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Learning to sit….

1. Environment matters
Find a clean, quiet space in your home where you can sit undisturbed, away from the distractions and pressures of the external world.
The air should be clean, fresh and well ventilated but not breezy.


Spiced Stuffed Dates - A Vitalizing Snack

Christina Vargas

Ayurveda, Food, Mindfulness, Wellness

Ojas is our "inner sap", our vitality, consciousness and immunity. It is the basis for physical and mental endurance, the internalized essence of digested food and thought.

Ojas is responsible for protecting the body from physical harm and provides emotional stability. It grounds us and...

5 Aromatic Herbal Teas To Match With Your Yoga

Ronald Mccarthy

Food, Life, Weightloss, Wellness

There's nothing more soothing than a warm drink after a long, tiring day. Not only does it make you feel good inside but it also helps get rid of any physical pain you might be having. Besides, it is also good for de-stressing.

Herbal teas work exactly that way. They relax you and have...

3 Beginner Yoga Moves for Back Pain

Jayson Goetz

Wellness, Yoga

Many people experience back pain, and for many reasons. The main cause of back pain is a lack of strength and/or flexibility. These 3 beginner yoga moves are designed to strengthen and increase flexibility in your spine.

Yoga isn’t solution for all back pain, more serious condition may...

Steps for Creating Your Own Happiness

Kirsten Joy Burch

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Modern society is so super advanced - we can thank science & technology for so many inventions over the past 200 years! However, our personal and spiritual evolution, our ability to be content and fulfilled hasn’t growth past our ancestors from the Stone Age. We still exhibit anger, greed,...

25 Days of Yoga Poses to Keep You Stress-Free & Healthy This Holiday Season

Rachel O'Conner

Life, Wellness, Yoga

The hectic nature of the holidays can get to even the most practiced yogi. The problem is that stress is more than just a mental worry. It manifests itself in physical ways and attacks our overall health and wellbeing.
But with daily practice, we can keep our inner peace intact and truly...

How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

Tracee Stanley

Life, Yoga

Find a yoga teacher training that is going to teach you to deeply understand yourself and how to create a personal practice that will empower you to live to your fullest potential. Knowing yourself is the first step to being able to teach others.

I have been leading yoga teacher...

Braised Fennel, Brocolini & Tofu Recipe

Christina Vargas

Ayurveda, Food, Life, Wellness

Braised Fennel, Brocolini & Tofu

Fennel, ginger, and yogurt sauce give this a juicy and flavorful recipe you'll enjoy over and over again!


  • 2 TBSP plain yogurt
  • 2...

Walk The labyrinth: A Sacred Experience

Dr. Paula Joyce


Walking the Labyrinth has contributed greatly to my spiritual development. I feel deeply connected to the universality of the mystical process that I engage in every time I enter the Labyrinth. As with so many of my spiritual beliefs and practices, the more I study, observe and open my heart,...

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