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How To Practice & Benefits Of Self Massage ~ Abhyanga!

Christina Vargas

Ayurveda, Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

Ayurveda enriches our lives with its natural health benefits and numerous practices of self-care and self-LOVE. To care for yourself by cooking, meditating, keeping a clean home, and exercising is an act of self-love that takes time and effort. The time you take to care for...

The Power of Ritual and Intention

Tracee Stanley

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

What are your rituals? How do you consistently invoke a feeling of sacredness and meaning into your life and yoga practice? How can you connect to your intentions and goals in a meaningfuland powerful way?

We have many rituals that we perform daily, from brushing our teeth to drinking our...

Unleash Your Creative Intelligence

Dr. Paula Joyce

Life, Wellness

Creativity is a loaded topic. So many people are convinced they’re not creative. I should know because I was one of those people. I believed my parents and teachers who told me that I had no creative talent, that I couldn’t draw, paint, write creatively or dance. It wasn’t until I was 50 that I...

10 Benefits of Yoga

Jayson Goetz

Life, Wellness, Yoga

Anyone who works out regularly understands the benefits.  Exercise helps us feel better not only physically, but it improves mood, brain function and our psychological well-being.  Incorporating a variety of exercises into your routine will help you achieve a more well-rounded sense of...

Qi Gong (Chinese Yoga)

Nena Watkins, LAc

Life, Meditation, Wellness, Yoga

People have many questions about acupuncture. Most people ask how the ancient Chinese figured out where to put the needles. Great Question! It turns out that the oldest tradition is through meditation, known as Qi Gong. These ancient meditation practices were passed down to interested...

Ayurveda's 10 Pair Of Opposites – The Delicate Dance Of Balance

Prani Lifestyle Consulting

Ayurveda, Food, Life, Mindfulness, Wellness

Everything you see around you, and everything you don’t, can be described by 10 pair of opposites. In Sanskrit they are called gunas (qualities, or attributes).

  1. Heavy/Light
  2. Dull/Sharp
  3. Cold/Hot
  4. Oily/Dry
  5. Smooth/Rough
  6. Dense...

You were made for this...

Mary Bruce

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to...

4 Primary Practices from Tantra to Detox Body, Mind and Energy.

Kirsten Joy Burch

What determines your reality? The world, or the perceiver?
And if your perception IS cloudy, how do you make it clear?

The yogic texts explain that the way we perceive our reality is shaped by our mind, which has been conditioned by our experiences. That sounds logical. It...

Discovering the Sacred Within

Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Life, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellness, Yoga

Tantra as Science

Let’s begin by laying out a few core ideas about tantra. Each of us is born at a certain time, under certain conditions. If you have more of a Western mindset, you think of those conditions not as the influence of past lives or of the stars or planets at...

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