Women's Moon Gathering presented by Lauren Margolies & Laura Tulumbas

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dallas Yoga Center

Dallas Yoga Center
4525 Lemmon Ave, 3rd Floor
Dallas , TX 75219

$20 Limited Space available

As we enter into the holiday season, this is the perfect time to uplevel our Agni. Agni is our digestive fire.  In Ayurveda we worship our Agni because it is the gatekeeper, it decides what stays and enters our cells and tissues and what become waste.  Everything we take in needs to be absorbed, assimilated and then stored or released.  Impaired Agni is the root of all disease.

This is the season of over eating and over scheduling.  As we move towards the darkest days of the year, the rhythm of the season is to turn inward but we are being pulled out into the world and often away from our daily rituals and routines that support our wellbeing.  There are ways we can enliven the Agni and keep it burning bright through the holidays while also enjoying the festivities of the season. 

Our Women’s Moon Gathering invites women to take time out for sacred reflection and meditation on the divine feminine, on the light that the moon sheds on our inner knowing, and on our connection with each other and all of life.

What to expect at this moon gathering:

Chanting to center our thoughts
Breathing techniques to ground us
Daily rituals and routines to support Agni
Sound meditation to calm the nervous system
Connecting to other women in community

For more information

For general questions or more information - call 214.443.9642
or email; info [at] dallasyogacenter [dot] com

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Sun, 11/19/2017



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